Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Battle of Ocheesee, Florida

I've launched a new webpage that might be of interest as it relates to events in Gadsden County.

The Battle of Ocheesee took place 192 years ago this week, during the opening days of the First Seminole War. Seminole and Creek warriors, flush from major victories at Scott's Massacre in Gadsden County and the Battle of Blunt's Town in Calhoun County converged on the Apalachicola River to stop a small flotilla of supply boats from making its way upstream to Fort Scott (on today's Lake Seminole).

The fighting left at least two U.S. soldiers dead and 13 wounded and resulted in the boats being pinned down in the middle of the Apalachicola River between today's Torreya State Park and Ocheesee Bluff for more than five days. The battle involved the largest number of Indian warriors of any engagement of the First Seminole War.

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