Friday, January 9, 2009

The Forts of Gadsden County

It is a little known fact that Gadsden County has been the location of a suprising number of forts and military posts over the years. Over the next week or so, we'll explore the history of some of these.

Although little remains of these, with the exception of a few structures from the 19th century U.S. Arsenal at Chattahoochee, they were important to the early history of not just the county, but the nation itself.

Here is a list of the sites that we will explore over coming days:
  • Old Spanish Fort
  • Nicolls' Outpost
  • U.S. Arsenal at Chattahoochee
  • Fort Barbour
  • Fort McClellan
  • Lamb's Camp Fort
  • Unnamed Forts of the Second Seminole War

We'll begin with a look at the rumored Old Spanish Fort at Chattahoochee later today.

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